Sound Alerts Anniversary Update — 2023

Sound Alerts Anniversary Update — 2023

Today is a special day for us — an exceptional one indeed. Five years ago, we started this whole thing with a small Twitch Extension that grew to an all-in-one alert solution for streamers around the globe. This journey has been full of milestones, new features, community feedback, and our team's passion. To live up to this small legacy, we would like to celebrate our fifth anniversary with you today — but not in an ordinary way. We want to show you what we have been working on for the last weeks and months: Let's look at the future of Sound Alerts together and find out what updates you can anticipate soon. 

More Alert Animations & Designs

An alert sound would be half as fun without a shiny visual animation appearing in your stream at the right time. For the last few years, we have only offered you a small selection of alert animations in the Dashboard. This will change now. 

This image displays a preview of the Sound Alerts Alert Animation Store interface.
Our new Alert Animation Store will launch soon

Our team worked on an all-new Dashboard update allowing you to browse a wide selection of animations that we will expand continuously. To ensure the best visual quality, we are collaborating with various talented artists to offer you designs in many different styles. While this feature is not entirely ready just yet, we want to enable a glimpse of the things to come: Down below, you can find a preview of our all-new cat alert animation by MapleCatArt.


Alert Animation Editor

Yes, you got that right. In addition to a collection full of animation templates, you will also be able to create alert animations on your own moving forward. As with our Scene Editor, we are developing a new tool within the Dashboard that allows you to easily create alert animations using drag and drop and your own assets. The Alert Animation Editor will also release later this year.

This image shows a preview of the interface of the new Sound Alerts Alert Animation Editor.
A preview of the new Alert Animation Editor

A new Video Trailer

It was time for a glossy upgrade of our Sound Alerts video showcase. To do so, we teamed up with some of the most notable Sound Alerts streamers on Twitch and immortalized their best moments in a highlight reel of our Extension. Make sure to check it out below!

Five years of Sound Alerts

It would not be a proper celebration without a showcase of our achievements over the last years — take a look at some of our all-time milestones for April 2023Farts included.

This image shows various statistics related to Sound Alerts in 2023.
We reached various new Sound Alerts milestones in 2023

Elmza joins the Squad!

The content creator and streaming tutorial specialist Elmza will collaborate with us on our mission to release more educative content about Sound Alerts. We are super thrilled about the opportunity to team up with her and release content on YouTubeInstagram, and TikTok from now on. The ultimate goal is to make Sound Alerts more accessible, and this is one of the first steps to achieving that milestone. Make sure to drop her a follow and welcome her into the Sound Alerts community in style. 

This image shows the TikTok profile of the content creator elmzaplays.
Elmza will produce a variety of useful Sound Alerts tutorials with us

2022 Year Review

In March, we ended our campaign for the 2022 year review features — over 45,000 streamers used that feature to generate their personal year review images, and we are super thankful for that. We also want to congratulate the winners of our gift card giveaway: EleoElnora, aprilbloomingvt, SpiderInTheSim, PurpleCoffins, zauselbart1, and KwispyStreams — we appreciate your support for Sound Alerts!

This image shows the winning participants of the #MyYearWithSoundAlerts giveaway.
The winners of this the 2022 #MyYearWithSoundAlerts giveaway

Thank you

That's it for this year's anniversary update — we can't thank you enough and hope you are as excited as we are about all the changes. Make sure to join our Discord to stay in touch with the global community of Sound Alerts content creators and us. Happy streaming!

This image shows a galaxy full of planets in the Sound Alerts universe.
Explore the spheres of our new Sound Alerts Galaxy key art