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Sound Alerts Twitch Extension

Your all-in-one tool for streaming interaction and monetization

Install the Sound Alerts Extension on your Twitch channel and provide your viewers with the ability to play sound effects—directly in your livestream and fully customizable.

Integrates with Twitch logo

A new hub for your memes, running gags, and community insiders

The Sound Alerts Twitch Extension will show as a panel right below your livestream. You can also place the Extension on top of your livestream to enable sound activations without scrolling.

Magic moments for your mobile viewers

The Sound Alerts Extension is integrated into the official Twitch app for iOS and Android. Your viewers will be able to spend their Bits and Channel Points without missing the action.

Boost your livestream revenue with Sound Alerts

Your viewers are more likely to spend extra Bits with Sound Alerts. Customize the pricing for each sound individually and use all of our other convenient features.

Stunning visuals for your livestream

You can use our pre-built livestream visuals or create your overlay alert—fully customizable to match your brand style. Cat GIF's included.

It sounds the way you want it to

Simply upload your own sound files or use the Sound Alerts Creator to export them from your favorite Twitch and YouTube clips.

To support DMCA safety, you have to select all of the sounds you want to include in the dashboard before your viewers can play them on stream.

Everything is under your control

The Sound Alerts dashboard will show you all the insights and tips you need to enhance the livestream experience for you and your viewers.

Add alerts for Follows, Subs, Resubs, Sub Gifts, Cheers, Raids, and Hype Trains and use additional features like text-to-speech and chatbot notifications.

The Sound Alerts Blog

Stay up to date with our latest features, news and more.

Product Update: Earn more Channel Points slots through Friend Referrals
June 28, 2022

Product Update: Earn more Channel Points slots through Friend Referrals

Brace yourselves. More Channel Points slots are finally here: We heard you loud and clear and agree that five slots are sometimes not enough to assemble the optimal lineup of farts and jump scares within your Channel Points portfolio.
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New Feature: Text-to-Speech Alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension
June 22, 2022

New Feature: Text-to-Speech Alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension

It is finally time to release one of our most anticipated features of this year: As revealed in our anniversary update in April, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Text-to-speech alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension.
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New Feature: Additional Twitch Extension Designs
June 10, 2022

New Feature: Additional Twitch Extension Designs

Starting today, you can select additional colors for the design of your Twitch Extension. We hope that this enables you to find additional ways to match your brand style.
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Our tool launched in 2018: Since then, the community of streamers using Sound Alerts has grown all around the globe.

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