More Alert Types

Follows, Subs, and more

Sound Alerts event types

More Alert Types

Sound Alerts serves as your all-in-one tool for the alert management of your livestream: In addition to our popular Twitch Extension and Sound Alerts via Channel Points , you can create alerts for the following event types Subscriptions, Subscription Gifts, Raids, Cheering, Hype Trains, and Follows.

Sound Alerts overlays

Visual Alerts
Our overlays section includes an intuitive Alert Editor, which provides you with all the things you need to customize the design of your alerts. You can use existing templates of our design library or create animated text alerts with ease.

Sound Alerts cat gif overlay

GIF Library
With the GIF library in place, you can select overlays from various animated images with one click. You better include a proper Cat GIF in your overlay portfolio.

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