Library 2.0 is finally here!

Library 2.0 is finally here!

The Library is one of the centerpieces of the Sound Alerts ecosystem. It allows you to enrich your alerts and streaming visuals with a wide variety of sounds by the community. More than 818K sounds let you pick the perfect moods or vibes to enable unique moments in your show. With today's blog post, we want to announce the release of a significant update to the Library functionality of Sound Alerts — say hello to Library 2.0!

All you need to know about Library 2.0

Our Library update assembles some of the most requested changes to ways you can set up and improve your stream alerts using our tool. We are thrilled to introduce:

  • Video Compatibility — Upload and use video memes and clips with or without sound directly in the Library (our Sound Library essentially evolves into a media hub that supports audio and video)
  • Advanced Categories & Tags — A new set of popular categories will let you filter and search sounds or videos even faster
  • Improved UI  Finding and adding trending sounds or videos is much easier now, allowing you to create the stream alerts of your dreams
This image shows the new UI of the Sound Alerts Sound and Video Library.
Browse through various different sounds and memes and add  them to your stream alerts

Create the Stream Alerts of your Dreams

While we introduce many exciting changes to the Library, you will retain all of the features it had before. Create alert sounds using YouTube or Twitch Clips, add Library items to your Favorites, or share your creations with the Sound Alerts community. We will continue to work to ensure that Sound Alerts remains one of the largest Libraries of popular clips and sound memes.

This image shows the uploader feature of the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Create or upload your sounds using Twitch/YouTube clips or your own files

What's next?

We would be delighted if you would test the new Library for your stream and share your wishes and feedback via our Discord or the Ideas Board. Soon, we will expand Video Alerts to random buttons and the Other Alert section. Happy streaming!