Let your viewers activate Twitch and YouTube clips in your stream

Compatible with Bits & Channel Points

Simplified video submission via our Twitch Extension

Let your mods monitor the video queue via our Dashboard

Enhanced moderation settings allow you to use Video Share safely

Video Share is a unique stream alert type that allows your viewers to use YouTube and Twitch Clips to activate them directly in your stream.

You can connect Video Share with Bits in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension to monetize them or let your viewers claim them for Channel Points on Twitch. Your viewers simply claim them on Twitch.

Visit the Sound Alerts Dashboard and add them to your Extension or Channel Points.

You can access the video queue via our Dashboard and approve each video individually. This process can also be done by your mods in a few simple steps.

No worries, please join our Discord or visit our Help Center.

Your viewers do not need to install anything to use Video Share via Sound Alerts. They simply have to paste the clip link into the alert text field on Twitch.

No. Streamers without this status can still offer Video Share for free within the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension. Partners and Affiliates have exclusive access to the Bits and Channel Points features.

Visit our Help Center or join our Discord to contact our support staff.