Community's Choice Update

Community's Choice Update

Your feedback is essential to developing our products; this new Sound Alerts update reflects that. Using your suggestions on our Idea Board, we assembled an update with new features for the Extension and Sound Alerts with Channel Points, among other quality-of-life improvements for the Sound Alerts ecosystem.

This image displays the Sound Alerts Idea Board.
Our public Idea Board displays the current progress of some of the most-requested features by the community

New Features for Sound Alerts with Channel Points

You asked us to implement new ways to use Channel Points and enable additional alerts for your most loyal viewers. We are thrilled to announce that three new alert types are ready to be used with Sound Alerts for Channel Points now:

  • Activate Text-to-Speech Alerts and let your viewers send you individual voice messages with their Channel Points
  • Use Video Share Alerts and allow your viewers to trigger YouTube and Twitch Clips on-stream with Channel Points
  • Enable Random Sound Alerts and surprise your viewers with unpredictable sounds for Channel Points
This image shows the Text-to-Speech Channel Points interface of Sound Alerts on Twitch.
Your viewers can now send you Text-to-Speech and Video Share Alerts with Channel Points

More Sound Alerts with Channel Points Slots

Yes, this is no joke. We are increasing the limit of Channel Points slots for all Sound Alerts users to 10 as we want you to be able to use all the new and fun alert types to the fullest extent. Users who participate in our Friend Referral or Translators Program will receive a total of 15 slots.

This image displays the fact that the Sound Alerts with Channel Points slots were increased to ten for every user.
We'll increase the limit of Sound Alerts with Channel Points for every user to ten

New Sound Alerts Extension Features

The Sound Alerts Twitch Extension is the heart of our streaming product. We want to enable more ways to use it based on the ideas of the community. These are the newest updates to the Extension:

  • Enable the Overlay Mode of the Extension in your Twitch Creator Dashboard and allow your viewers to access it via a new button on the top-left of your livestream
  • Using Text-to-Speech Alerts, your viewers can now hear a preview of the message before they submit it to the livestream
  • We enabled more ways to protect you from alerts by banned users
  • We added more ways to view and browse the Extension Leaderboard
  • Your viewers can access the Extension in seven additional languages
This image shows the activation process of the overlay slot for the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension.
You can activate the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension in the Overlay slot now

Other Changes to Sound Alerts

Our team implemented various quality-of-life changes to the Sound Alerts ecosystem that should come in handy:

  • Random alerts sounds are available for all alert types now
  • Streamers can deactivate anonymous Bits alerts through the Dashboard now
  • If you or your Dashboard Managers cancel or deny a Bits alert, the viewer submitting the alert will receive a replay token that lets them play another alert of the exact cost for free
  • TTS messages can now be displayed in the chat
This image shows the activity feed of the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Denying a Bits alert will grant the viewer submitting the alert a replay token

Stay tuned!

We will release more updates and features soon — keep an eye on our socials and this blog to stay up to date. You can request new features in our Idea Board and join our Discord server to become a part of our content creator community. Thank you for using Sound Alerts, and happy streaming!