Creative Director Alert - Marvin Duschinski joins the team!

Creative Director Alert - Marvin Duschinski joins the team!

Increasing the livestream interactivity of a worldwide community full of passionate livestreamers is a challenging yet fulfilling task in itself. At Sound Alerts, we are willing to tackle this mission with tons of code, your valuable feedback, and an incredible team full of high-spirited individuals who enjoy the vast world of livestreaming by heart.

Speaking of our team, we just welcomed Marvin Duschinski as the Creative Director of Sound Alerts. Marvin is a longtime gaming industry veteran who worked in several agencies and production facilities, realizing creative campaigns, content endeavors, and live productions - just to name a few.

With our goal in mind to share as many insights as possible in this blog, we thought it would be a good idea if Marvin received the chance to narrate his very own story in the following paragraphs. According to rumors, he also wrote this intro text, but we might never find out.

Marvin's Story

Hi everyone, this is Marvin speaking. I am beyond excited to finally work with the Sound Alerts team and kick things off. My relationship with the project started way back in 2018. During that time, James (the Sound Alerts founder) and I were still working in an esports production facility in Germany. As I was approaching my next career steps in several creative and content roles, James told me about the new possibilities of livestream extensions. 

Fast forward, Sound Alerts was born as we were still in close contact with each other. Much later, we also talked about the possibility of joining forces while we slowly identified a suitable model. The result: I joined Sound Alerts Creative Director in February 2022.

James and Marvin Sound Alerts
James and Marvin at gamescom

My role within Sound Alerts

As the Creative Director, I will focus on creating content opportunities, the ideation of new product ideas for our community, operating as the point-of-contact for our creators, and a handful of our marketing activities. You might also witness me assembling social posts for the Sound Alerts channels - mainly memes, of course. 

The future of Sound Alerts is beyond exciting as we are in the last stages of finalizing our tremendous Dashboard 2.0 update that will make the Sound Alerts experience even better for streamers around the globe.

Sound Alerts new dashboard
Dashboard 2.0 overview

Feel free to send me a message, and let's get in touch.


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