January 2024 Changelog — Exciting new Features

January 2024 Changelog — Exciting new Features

We're back with another action-packed changelog, showcasing enhancements designed to improve your streaming experience. Dive in as we unravel the latest additions and fixes of Sound Alerts!

Unveiling new Features 

Our team assembled some significant updates — here are the most prominent new changes:

TTS Viewer Message Fields for Custom Alerts

Based on popular demand, we've integrated Viewer Message fields into the Alert Animation Editor. Immerse your audience in a more personalized way by incorporating viewer messages into your alert animations. Visit the Alert Animation Editor now and test your new possibilities.

This image shows the TTS Viewer Message Fields feature available for all animations in Sound Alerts.
TTS Viewer Messages will enhance the clarity of your alerts for you and your audience 

More Text Highlight Animations

Get ready to captivate your viewers with a vibrant range of text highlight animations in our Editor. New animation types like Wiggle or Bounce will allow you to create the custom animation of your dreams. 

This image shows the various new text animations available via the Sound Alerts Alert Animation Editor.
Try our new text animations in the Alert Animation Editor

Refund Channel Points via Activity Feed

With our latest update, refunding Channel Points is just a click away — access Channel Points refunds directly via the Activity Feed.

This image shows the Sound Alerts Activity Feed which lets you refund Channel Points with one click.
Refund Channel Points with ease using our Activity Feed

Revamped Media Uploader

Our media upload modal has undergone a significant update, presenting all file categories at one glance. Enjoy a smoother upload experience with combined upload flows and enhanced categorization.

This image shows the new Media Uploader of Sound Alerts available in the Dashboard.
Uploading your sounds, videos, and images has never been easier

Rotating Image Widget

The Scene Editor now includes an Image Rotation widget, allowing you to add dynamic visual elements to rotate between different logos or banners.

This picture shows the Image Rotation Widget of Sound Alerts which allows you to add rotating logos or banners to your stream.
The perfect way to display your sponsors or important information in your livestream

Add GIF Animations Faster 

You can now create GIF animations in the alert setup by clicking the GIF button in the Advanced Settings of your alerts.

This graphic shows the new GIF selector available in the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Quickly assemble great stream alerts using GIFs and our sound library

Emulate Chat in Scene Editor

You can finally test your Emote Wall and other widgets by emulating chat messages in the Scene Editor

This image shows the new test feature of Sound Alerts allowing you to emulate chat messages.
Emulate chat messages in Scene Editor

Order your Extension Alerts 

To save some of your time, you can now order your Extension alerts by cost with a single click

This image shows a preview of the image sorting feature for the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension
Start sorting your Extension alerts with one click

Important Fixes to Enhance Your Sound Alerts Experience

We have also improved some existing features to enrich your Sound Alerts experience — these are the most prominent fixes:

Slowdowns and Unavailable Features

During the last weeks, you might have experienced issues with slow loading and unavailable features across the Sound Alerts services. We have addressed these issues thanks to your feedback in our Discord. If you notice any other weird behavior in our Dashboard, feel free to let us know.

Technical Debt Eliminated

We've rolled up our sleeves and tackled some of the technical debt. With these optimizations in place, expect a smoother, more responsive version of Sound Alerts moving forward.

This image shows the Sound Alerts mascot with a check mark next to it.
Thank you for using Sound Alerts — we hope you enjoy the new additions

Next Up

Our team is committed to continually enhancing your streaming journey. We'll unveil news about our next big features soon. We hope you enjoyed this summary of changes to Sound Alerts: Make sure to follow our socials and the Ideas Board to stay up-to-date with all things Sound Alerts. Until next time, happy streaming! 🎉