10 July 2024 Changelog — Widgets & Customization

10 July 2024 Changelog — Widgets & Customization

Welcome to our newest changelog! We are excited to introduce a series of new features and designs to improve your Sound Alerts experience and provide you with more customization options. From advanced video text customization to an innovative floating chat widget, this update is packed with lots of useful additions to Sound Alerts. Read on to discover what's new and how these features can elevate your interaction with the community.

Unveiling new Features 

Over the last month, our team assembled some significant updates — here are the most prominent new changes:

Spotify Widget

You can now connect your Spotify account to Sound Alerts and display your current songs via our new widget! The overlay is available in multiple styles to match your stream aesthetic. Head over to the Scene Editor, add it to your scene, and make sure to save your scene before connecting your Spotify account. 

This image shows the UI of the Sound Alerts Spotify Now Playing Widget.
Never worry about song questions in your chat again

Featured Videos

Our library has a new section to showcase the best video uploads. Your favorite video memes and clips are just a few clicks away now.

This image shows the new Featured Video section in the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
All trending video clips at one glance

Floating Chat Widget

We welcome the new Floating Chat widget — this overlay displays your chat in a movable, resizable window with text messages placed randomly within the box. Do you want to display your chat in random places instead of a classic list? No problem! Head to the Scene Editor and try it out.

This image shows the new Sound Alerts Floating Chat Overlay.
Create a chat design with no visual limits

Activity Feed Redesign

Our Activity Feed has undergone a complete redesign to improve usability and aesthetics. The new layout offers a more intuitive experience, allowing you to quickly see and interact with recent activities. Stay updated with what's happening in your community at a glance.

This image shows the new Activity Feed in the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Never miss any of your alerts again

Video Text Customization

We enabled customization of the text under your video alerts — this allows you to edit or disable this text as you prefer. Please note that with this update, we changed the structure of how we play uploaded GIF Animations, which are now muted — this change affects less than 1% of you. For a better experience, we recommend using the new library video upload feature, which allows you to add both video and sound.

This image shows the customization interface for video alerts in the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Enhance your video alerts with custom text

Banned Users

We have introduced new moderation settings allowing you to block users/viewers from Sound Alerts. Now, you can easily block and manage users who disrupt your community, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable environment for everyone via the Dashboard settings. Read more about this change here.

This image shows the banned users interface in the Sound Alerts Dashboard setttings.
Ban viewers from using your alerts in no time

Next Up

Our team is committed to continually enhancing your streaming journey. We'll unveil news about our next big features soon. We hope you enjoyed this summary of changes to Sound Alerts: Make sure to follow our socials and the Ideas Board to stay up-to-date with all things Sound Alerts. Sign up for our Tipping Page beta here. Until next time, happy streaming! 🎉