Our gamescom LAN Diary

Our gamescom LAN Diary

While all the fantastic online experiences with and around Sound Alerts are a joy to watch for our team, we sometimes feel the need to go IRL again and experience the impact Sound Alerts can have there. In March, we decided to partner with the prestigious gamescom LAN in Germany, one of the most significant LAN events in the world. This blog post will share some of our impressions and the Sound Alerts activities that took place on-site.

This image shows the IRL barber shop in the Sound Alerts lounge at gamescom LAN.
Several creators streamed their IRL haircuts in our lounge

Sure, but what is gamescom LAN?

The gamescom LAN event in Cologne is a community-centered get-together for video game enjoyers, streamers, and industry representatives. The event aims to celebrate gaming culture within different aspects of the scene, such as streaming, competitions, and more, with around 1,700 participants within the reputable gamescom event halls.

This image shows the hall plan of gamescom LAN 2024.
Besides the gaming area in the middle, gamescom LAN provided various other activities to the visitors such as our lounge on the right side

We mainly focused our engagement on the streaming portion of the event. Thus, we became the official presenter of the Creator Lounge, an ideal retreat for content creation and relaxation for all the streamers on-site. Let us show you what steps were involved in making this a reality.

Preparing for the Event

After talking to the organizers and doing the groundwork, we had to ask ourselves many questions. How do we want the Creator Lounge to look? What activities should be available within the lounge? What food do we want there? The list was long, but we had a clear goal in mind: To offer the streamers various amenities to let them focus on their content in the wild LAN environment. 

This image shows a 3D model of the Sound Alerts lounge at gamescom LAN.
We created our initial design for the lounge with a 3D model to plan it more precisely

Our project team spent roughly 1.5 months creating a stunning lounge design, including many insiders and a beautiful presentation of the Sound Alerts core components. During this time frame, we also planned many final activities, such as a barber shop for the IRL streamers, exclusive event merchandise, goodie bags, a signature wall for all the lounge visitors, or live cooking sessions with excellent food. Everything seemed to work out as planned, and our team was excited for the event to start on the 15th of March.

Building the Lounge

The building activities within the event space started roughly two days before the event. During this process, the gamescom LAN team had to place our branding correctly, lay the carpeting, and position the furniture. The result was satisfying, and we were proud to see Sound Alerts come to life in such a cool way.

This image shows the build up phase of the Sound Alerts lounge at gamescom LAN.
It took several days to assemble our lounge

Three days full of Sound Alerts Action

When the event started on Friday, everything seemed to click — creators used our barber shop for their IRL content and utilized the lounge as a hangout space most of the time. We also enjoyed many talks with streamers who were curious about the features of Sound Alerts and how it can help them improve their stream. The lounge was also much bigger than we could have imagined from our online drafts, with roughly 140 square meters in size.

This image shows the main room of the Sound Alerts lounge at gamescom LAN.
Lots of creators enjoyed the Sound Alerts bar and buffet

We also cooperated with Adam, one of the most prominent IRL streamers in Germany, and connected his stream of the event and mobile speakers to Sound Alerts — the result was special, to say the least.

The Aftermath

The event was a unique chance to showcase Sound Alerts in an offline environment, and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to everyone who had the opportunity to stop by and fill our lounge with life. We will undoubtedly organize experiences like these more often in the future and get to know more Sound Alerts streamers worldwide. Happy streaming!

This image shows the signature wall in the Sound Alerts lounge at gamescom LAN.
Our creator signature wall was full by the end of Sunday