Sound Alerts Anniversary Update

Sound Alerts Anniversary Update

Four years full of exciting livestream highlights, four years full of jumpscares, four years full of updates, and four years full of not-so-smelly farts: Four exciting years, to say the least. We are immensely excited to celebrate the fourth anniversary together with you all around the globe.

We would like to take this opportunity to reflect on some of our most prominent milestones and showcase some of our plans for the near future with upcoming product updates and highly requested new features.

Anniversary Giveaway

This graphic shows the gift card prizes of the Sound Alerts anniversary giveaway
Win awesome prizes in the Sound Alerts anniversary giveaway

It wouldn't be a proper anniversary without some gifts, right? Participate in our Sound Alerts anniversary giveaway and win gift cards for Amazon, Steam, Xbox, or the Nintendo eShop. You can find the giveaway over at

Four years of Sound Alerts

In human years, Sound Alerts would almost be in the elementary school now: This does not suggest that our team of seven was not able to accomplish some groundbreaking things in the meantime. The following infographic will showcase some of our accomplishments throughout the existence of Sound Alerts.

This graphic display a variety of interesting Sound Alerts statistics like a total amount of 1.9 million users or a total of 116 million alerts played.
Witness some of our most recent milestones and all-time achievements

We hope these numbers will provide some context and exciting insights into the Sound Alerts cosmos and our products.

Product Update: New Extension Designs (soon™)

This graphic displays a variety of new colors that will be available within the extension soon.
Enjoy a variety of new colors for the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension - coming soon

The ability to customize your Sound Alerts experience is one of the application's essential parts. With that in mind, we are constantly seeking ways to improve your ability to individualize Sound Alerts. Starting very soon, you can select additional colors for the design of your Twitch extension. We hope that this enables you to find different ways to match your brand style. 

The following colors will be available in the "Settings" section of your dashboard (Just select your favorite in the dropdown menu at "Extension Theme Color").

  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Grass
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Ocean
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blush
  • Grey
  • Dark-Grey

Product Update: More Channel Points Slots (soon™)

This graphic displays the fact that there will be additional ways to add more Channel Points slots soon.
Soon you will be able to add additional Channel Points slots through your Sound Alerts dashboard

Yes, we hear you: The addition of more slots for Channel Points is probably one of the most requested features by our community. We are currently working on a referral system that will let you earn additional permanent Channel Points slots by inviting other befriended streamers to test and try out Sound Alerts entirely for free. This feature is still in development at the moment, and we will keep you in the loop about the release on our socials. (Please note that this feature will only be available to streamers with the Affiliate or Partner status on Twitch.)

New Feature: Text-to-Speech Alerts (soon™)

This graphic displays the fact that we will be adding text-to-speech alerts within one of the upcoming updates.
Your viewers will be able to add individualized text-to-speech messages through a new alert category available on the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension - coming soon

With text-to-speech alerts, you can add a new alert category to your Sound Alerts Twitch Extension. These will enable your viewers to send you individualized messages that will be read aloud on your livestream. The best thing is that the alerts will be displayed as standard alerts through your Sound Alerts browser source, and you can add them to the creator dashboard with ease. 

You will be able to apply a custom Bits amount or offer them completely for free during your talking segments to add an additional layer of interaction with your chat. The text-to-speech alerts will launch soon, and we will update you about the exact release on our socials.

Thank you

This is it for our anniversary update this year. We hope that you are as excited for the future of Sound Alerts as we are. We promise to deliver constant improvements for the Sound Alerts ecosystem and its products in the years to come. 

You can request new features in our idea board and join our Discord server to become a part of our content creator community.

Thank you for using our Sound Alerts - we will keep you posted about new features, and updates on the Sound Alerts socials and this blog. Until then - happy streaming!

This graphic shows a colorful illustration of a space landscape in the Sound Alerts universe
We appreciate your feedback and suggestions - thank you for using Sound Alerts