Sound Alerts Anniversary Update — 2024

Sound Alerts Anniversary Update — 2024

Yes, it is that time of the year again. We are celebrating the 6th anniversary of Sound Alerts in style with some exclusive sneak peeks at what our team has been cooking up for the last few months. Spoiler alert: You can expect some great new features. Let's dive into some of the latest changes and look back on our most prominent achievements of last year in this year's Anniversary Update!

The Tipping Page is (almost) here!

We have been working on many additional ways to use Sound Alerts — one of the most impactful changes in that category will be the Tipping Page. Our team has already teased this update in several places on our website and social media. While we made significant progress in the last few months, we honestly underestimated the number of challenges connected to creating an excellent service for streaming donations and tips. To take you on this journey, we would like to reveal a few new details today.

This image shows the UI of the Sound Alerts Tipping Page.
You can customize the Sound Alerts Tipping Page in various ways

Your Tipping Page in your Style

We feel like the Tipping Page will be a central hub for streamers that matches your stream's general look and feel. Because of that, it will be highly customizable and lets you add all the alerts you know and love from Sound Alerts already. Besides that, you can also match the colors and design of the page with your personal style. Using your personal Tipping page link, you can redirect your viewers to the page and let them activate alerts for your Sound Alerts browser source.

This image shows some of the visuals surrounding the Sound Alerts Tipping Page.
Your viewers can use the Sound Alerts Tipping Page with our new Coins or PayPal

What about the money?

The Tipping page will let your viewers use various payment methods to access the alerts on your page. It will also include the option to buy our digital Coins, which are compatible with all Tipping Pages across Sound Alerts. We are closely working with various payment providers to negotiate the best conditions possible for streamers and viewers around the globe. Soon, you can accept tips, and stream alerts through our Tipping Page without leaving the benefits of the Sound Alerts ecosystem. And yes, we are also working on a PayPal integration that will most likely be released after the initial beta,

Sign up for the Tipping Page Beta

If you want to be among the first streamers to try the Tipping Page beta, please sign up here.

The Year in Numbers

We are always delighted with the great feedback we receive from you. Our data also reflects this enthusiasm. Look at some of our most prominent achievements of the last 12 months as we reached some significant milestones with Sound Alerts.

This image shows some of the major milestones of Sound Alerts in 2024
Thank you to everyone who uses Sound Alerts

A fantastic Group of Individuals

Our team has grown considerably in the last 12 months to ensure we can still perform our services with the highest standard. Although Sound Alerts was founded in Germany, we operate globally across several continents. There are now 14 members in our team, supported by several other freelancers. This group comprises some of the finest streaming experts; we could not be happier to have them on board.

This image shows all team members of Sound Alerts.
Huge shout-out to our great team

Evolving the Look of Sound Alerts

We are constantly trying to improve the visual aspect of our tools to bring Sound Alerts to life. Thus, we have been working with our Art Director Marco to give Sound Alerts an improved look — you can find a first sneak peek of that process below. But it can still take a while until we entirely shift some of the core components.

This image shows the newest Sound Alerts key art in 2024.
Enjoy a first glimpse of our new 2024 key art

Sound Alerts IRL

We presented Sound Alerts at two major events in the last 12 months, including our stunning booth at TwitchCon Paris and the Creator Lounge at gamescom LAN in Cologne. We also use these opportunities to unite some of our team members on-site — some for the first time.

This image shows the Sound Alerts booths at gamescom LAN and TwitchCon Paris.
It was fantastic to meet various Sound Alerts streamers in Cologne and Paris

Year Review Review

Many of you enjoyed our small rewind feature at the end of last year — in fact, 28K streamers used it, which is fantastic. Congratulations to the streamers who also won in the connected giveaway.

This image shows the year review images of the #MyYearWithSoundAlerts giveaway winners in 2023/2024.
Congratulations to all the winners of the #MyYearWithSoundAlerts giveaway

Thank you

That's it for this year's anniversary update. We are incredibly thankful for your support and feedback and can not wait to show you all the new updates planned for 2024. If you are curious about our current roadmap, visit our Ideas Board. For all things Sound Alerts, you should follow us on our socialsHappy streaming!