Sound Alerts Streamer Interview: Taneesha

Sound Alerts Streamer Interview: Taneesha

On our mission to provide you with the best all-in-one tool for alert management on your livestream, we want to showcase insights and best practices from content creators and Sound Alerts users around the globe. In today's iteration of the Sound Alerts Streamer Interviews, we are talking to Taneesha. 

Taneesha is one of our partnered Sound Alerts streamers. As an avid Sound Alerts user and probably the best Minecraft player wearing a beanie, she is perfect for our interview series. Let's kick things off with our Q&A.

Preview of Taneesha on your Sound Alerts website
Taneesha will welcome you on the official Sound Alerts website

Hi Taneesha, thank you for doing this interview with us. First of all, for those who do not know you: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! I'm Taneesha, a full-time Twitch streamer who loves to wear a blue beanie and play Hardcore Minecraft! 

You are a Minecraft veteran on Twitch: Why did you start streaming, and how did that happen?

I started streaming during lockdown back in March 2020. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to be social and come out of my shell! I was ultimately inspired by 'Philza' to start up a Minecraft hardcore world - and I'm still alive in that world to this day, 2 years later!

How would you describe your livestream? Which things can viewers expect when they tune in?

I would describe my streams as welcoming and full of laughs. I love chilling out and having conversations with my viewers. I strive to provide a safe space for all ages to come to hang out and enjoy some Minecraft.

This question might result in an obvious answer, but we'll ask it anyway: What type of games do you enjoy the most, and why is it Minecraft?

I started gaming at the age of 5, so I have played a wide variety of games over the years. Minecraft, for sure, has earned the top spot on my list. It is incredibly versatile, and it's one of the only games that I can play and not get bored of! Hardcore Minecraft, in particular, is so riveting because if you die in your world, you lose the whole thing.

What advice would you give to aspiring streamers? What tips helped you at the start of your streaming journey?

When I first started streaming, I was working a full-time job and taking 5 college classes, but I pushed myself to stream and create content every day. What helped me the most was just understanding that if you have a positive and determined mindset, anything is achievable. A good tip is to play games you love and always give 110% because you never know what opportunity awaits.

We saw various awesome Sound Alerts clips in your content: How and when did you discover the application?

I have been using Sound Alerts for over a year now and found the application in the extensions tab of my dashboard. I wish I had found out about them earlier, honestly, because they have been nothing but a positive experience.

What is your favorite sound on Sound Alerts? What is the story behind that sound?

It is so hard to choose! My favorite is probably the 'knocking' because it is effective at any time, whether I'm just chatting or playing Minecraft, it always gives me a scare!

What are the most played sounds in your livestream? Which sounds does your community prefer in general?

My community is so good at timing the alerts perfectly. They love to scare me with jump scares and mob sounds. The 'sad music' has been a great one too. Out of the 30 sounds that I have enabled, every single one has gotten some great use.

Is there anything you would like to say to you and our community at the end of this interview?

Sound Alerts has been a fantastic addition that has enabled the community to be involved more in my streams. Users can use Bits or Channel Points to redeem sounds, making them accessible for everyone. If you aren't using Sound Alerts, what are you waiting for?

We want to thank Taneesha for her time and some of the Sound Alerts insights she shared in her Q&A. Make sure to check out her livestream on 

We will keep you posted about new Sound Alerts features and updates on the Sound Alerts socials and this blog. Until then - happy streaming!