Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Channel Points on Twitch — Guide & Setup

Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Channel Points on Twitch — Guide & Setup

Channel Points rewards on Twitch are a great tool to honor the most loyal members of your livestream community. They enable unique interactions with your viewers that can create incredible moments in your live show. Text-to-Speech is one of the best ways to utilize your Twitch Channel Points, and we want to show you how to set it up in no time!

The best Software for Channel Points Text-to-Speech on Twitch

Using our streaming companion, Sound Alerts, you can set up custom Text-to-Speech alerts for your Channel Points rewards on Twitch. You only need an eligible Twitch channel with the Affiliate or Partner status to get started. The video below gives you a headstart on your Sound Alerts journey and shows you how to complete the general setup. The following paragraph also shows you how to head right to the Channel Points Text-to-Speech setup.

How do you set up Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Channel Points on Twitch?

Follow these steps to activate Channel Points Text-to-Speech (TTS) on your Twitch channel:

  1. Complete the Sound Alerts browser source setup via the Dashboard Setup Page by following the presented steps and include it in your broadcast tool (OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch Studio, or something else)
  2. Visit the Channel Points section of your Sound Alerts Dashboard
  3. Click on "Add new Button" and select "Text-to-Speech"
  4. Customize the voice and language with the menu on the right
  5. Select the number of Channel Points you want your viewers to spend via the menu on the right
  6. You are done — viewers will be able to access the new Channel Points Text-to-Speech in the menu under your Twitch chat
This image shows the Text-to-Speech for Channel Points interface under the Twitch chat.
Your viewers can activate Text-to-Speech directly under your Twitch chat

Enhance your Twitch Stream with TTS

We are confident that you will be able to create great stream moments with your new Text-to-Speech alerts — make sure to use other features of Sound Alerts like Video Share or our Twitch Soundboard to bring your show to the next level. Follow us on social media to experience all new features, and say hello in our Discord if you want to connect with other content creators. Happy streaming!