New Feature: Build the designs of your dreams with the Alert Animation Editor

New Feature: Build the designs of your dreams with the Alert Animation Editor

Imagine building the stream alert animation of your dreams with a few clicks and without the need for proper design skills or multiple tools. We liked this thought and worked on a brand-new Sound Alerts feature — the Alert Animation Editor. Using it, you can assemble an alert animation focused on your stream's requirements in a simple yet powerful web editor in the Sound Alerts Dashboard. Curious about the specifics? Let us walk you through all the essential features below. 

TLDR — Getting Started with our Alert Animation Editor

If you want to skip our showcases of the different features and just want to get started creating your alert animations, follow these simple steps

  1. Head over to the Sound Alerts Dashboard
  2. Visit the "Animations" section
  3. Open your Alert Animation Inventory
  4. Click on "Add new Animation"
  5. Select "Custom"

After that, use the editor to produce and finetune your animation in a few minutes.

This image shows the Animation Inventory in the Sound Alerts Dashboard. It includes an arrow that highglights the "Add new Animation" button on the top right.
Access the Alert Animation Editor via the top right button in your Animation Inventory

Main Features of our Alert Animation Editor

The Alert Animation Editor is a great way to enable a personal visual touch on your stream — we created it with accessibility in mind, allowing you to use it via drag-and-drop and no prior design knowledge. The key functionalities include:

  • Use textimagevideo, and GIF elements and place them via the drag-and-drop editor
  • Assemble your animation in multiple editable layers
  • Choose between various fade-in/fade-out effects
  • Upload your own media files
  • Utilize advanced font settings and customization options for all elements
  • Test your animations directly in the editor
  • Create multiple variations and summarize them within one animation entry
This image shows the Alert Animation Editor UI of Sound Alerts.
Create the alert animations of your dreams with the Alert Animation Editor of Sound Alerts

Compatibility of the Alert Animation Editor

The Sound Alerts ecosystem enables synergies between all of our tools and features — this is why the Alert Animation Editor is compatible with almost all current alert types. This list includes:

  • Twitch Extension alerts
  • Channel Points alerts
  • Other event alert types, such as FollowsSubs, or Hype Trains
  • Text-to-Speech alerts
This image shows the Animation Settings in the "My Alerts" tab of the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Simply add your animations through the “My Alerts” tab in our Dashboard

The Future of the Alert Animation Editor

This release is the first version of the Alert Animation Editor. In one of the next updates, you can release your designs to the Sound Alerts community, making them available in the Alert Animation Store. Our ultimate goal is to allow streamers and designers to enrich each other with great stream animations in the future. In the meantime, you can also use one of the free 40+ alert animations we have already released with some of the most talented designers in the streaming space. 

This image shows the Alert Animation store of Sound Alerts, including dozens of free streaming animations.
Choose between various free alert animations or build your own using Sound Alerts

Thank you for using Sound Alerts, and keep an eye on our Twitter account to receive more updates on the status of the Alert Animation Editor. Happy streaming!