New Feature: Text-to-Speech Alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension

New Feature: Text-to-Speech Alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension

Did you ever want to add some additional spice and viewer engagement to your Sound Alerts Twitch Extension? Did you ever dream of a more direct way to communicate with your livestream community? Did you ever want an "@@@@@" spam message directly in your ears? Say no more.

It is finally time to release one of our most anticipated features of this year: As revealed in our anniversary update in April, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Text-to-speech alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension. With TTS alerts, streamers can empower their viewers with a new way of engagement, allowing them to send individual messages read out directly in the livestream.

You can activate TTS alerts through the "My Alerts" tab of your Sound Alerts Dashboard: The setting is located in the "Extension" section and will appear under your existing sound buttons.

This image shows the "add Text-To-Speech" button in the "Extension" section of the "My Alerts" tab.
Simply click on the "add Text-To-Speech" button in the Sound Alerts dashboard to add a TTS button to your Sound Alerts Twitch Extension

In the dashboard, you can customize various aspects of the TTS alert, including the language, the voice, the number of Bits needed to activate, and numerous other elements. Simply save the alert with the button on the bottom right, and you are ready. Currently, the following languages are available:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
This image shows the settings of the Text-to-speech alerts which allow you to customize all aspects of the alerts.
The settings of your Text-to-speech alerts allow you to customize every single part of it

To moderate your TTS alerts, you can also turn on manual approval for them in the "Settings" tab of the Sound Alerts dashboard. The approval is placed in the activity feed. The approval feature can also be used by your Sound Alerts Managers. Additionally, there is a built-in profanity filter for all the messages your viewers type into the TTS alerts.

This image shows the Sound Alerts Dashboard settings which include an option to approve all TTS alerts manually.
You can choose to manually approve all TTS alerts through an option in the "Settings" tab of the Sound Alerts Dashboard

In these settings, you will also be able to add custom terms to a list of banned words. The words included there will not be played out by our TTS alerts. 

This image shows the custom banned words list option in the Sound Alerts Dashboard.
Add custom terms to your list of banned words, and they won't be included in TTS alerts

After the setup, your viewers can use the TTS alerts directly through your Sound Alerts Twitch Extension on desktop and mobile devices. It only requires them to type in a suitable message in the corresponding text box and own the needed amount of Bits you selected. We also prepared a dedicated setup article in our Sound Alerts Help Center

This image shows the user interface of Text-to-speech alerts in the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension.
Viewers can send TTS alerts to your livestream in less than 30 seconds without leaving the platform

We hope you enjoy this Sound Alerts Twitch Extension update: Our team is currently working on additional ways to earn more Sound Alerts Channel Points slots for your livestream, which we will reveal soon.

This image shows a concept art for a city centered in the Sound Alerts universe.
One of our newest artworks: Soundtopia

You can request new features in our idea board and join our Discord server to become a part of our content creator community.

Thank you for using our Sound Alerts—we will keep you posted about new features and updates on the Sound Alerts socials and this blog. Until then—happy streaming!