Thank you for over 2,000,000 Sound Alerts streamers

Thank you for over 2,000,000 Sound Alerts streamers

It is time to celebrate as we reach another significant milestone at Sound Alerts: We are immensely proud to announce that over 2,000,000 streamers (that's a two with six (!) zeros) are using Sound Alerts.

Our team worked hard to provide you with frequent updates this year, including Dashboard 2.0, Manager Access, new designs for the Twitch Extension, TTS alerts, and new ways to earn Channel Points slots—but this will definitely not be the end of our roadmap presented in the Anniversary Update earlier this year.

This graphic displays the fact that we will be adding text-to-speech alerts within one of the upcoming updates.
You are able to unlock more Channel Points slots through our referral system

Reaching a community of 2,000,000 streamers would obviously not have been possible without your support. It motivates us to further improve the Sound Alerts ecosystem and provide streaming newcomers and veterans with valuable tools to simplify their streaming experience. We think this also marks the right time to appreciate all the people working behind the scenes—whether they are engineers, designers, or support staff members at Sound Alerts. HeroKhar, SaltTheWound, Breci, greebowarrior, Mr.Bubi, MrLeeroy, unliQ, and Fusselchu: Thank you for your tremendous support. With our new front-end developer 4npy, the team of Sound Alerts is even growing further in July.

Also, here are some things that we could do with 2,000,000 streamers:

  • Play out 2,000,000 !fart alerts at the same time (might need real coordination and more robust servers, though)
  • Fill all of Paris in France with Sound Alerts streamers
  • Break the world record for the streaming event with the most creators (Surely, a logistical challenge)

But enough of those silly details: BIG shoutout to all of you Sound Alerts users out there—we feel honored by the growth and improvements of this year and would like to invite you to keep an eye on all our channels as the best things are yet to come.

This image shows an overview of all the team members at Sound Alerts in June 2022.
Members of the Sound Alerts team in June 2022

You can request new features in our idea board and join our Discord server to become a part of our content creator community.

Thank you for using our Sound Alerts—we will keep you posted about new features and updates on the Sound Alerts socials and this blog. Until then—happy streaming!

This graphic shows a colorful illustration of a space landscape in the Sound Alerts universe
We appreciate your feedback and suggestions—thank you for using Sound Alerts